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Wardrobe Cupboard :

The most popular design for the use of whole family with provision for hanging sarees on one side and shirts , pants and suits etc., on the other.


Wardrobe TD Cupboard :

Popular model with more option for those with varied needs.

Full Locker Cupboard :

For those who require more space in the locker and general storage.


Plain cupboard :

Great for general storage with its huge space for just about anything.


Minor Cupboard :

Available as plain, wardrobe and locker for children and for those with smaller storage needs

6Wardrobe Double Drawer :

Cupboards for office :

Our plain and locker cupboards also fulfill office storage needs. They compliment and aesthetically enhance the atmosphere, making storage experience easy and pleasurable. Our cupboards can also be provided with Lateral filing system to accommodate your filing requirements.

Other Furniture & Fabrications :

We also manufacture other office furniture and institutional furniture like tables, desks for schools and colleges ,sliding door side tables, filing cabinets, mobile storage units etc. We also undertake general sheet metal fabrication based on specific customer requirements.

Did You Know

steel cupboard manufacturers, steel wardrobe manufacturers, steel cabinet manufacturers, steel almirah manufacturers, steel bero manufacturers are one and the same. However in India the same product is known by various names.